Anonymous said:

I am struggling so much to eat healthy. I have been trying to make it my goal to lose weight/clean up my eating this month, but my parents have dragged me out to dinner twice, and then I had a sleepover last night. Basically out of the 6 days of October I have actually eaten “healthy” only 2. I am so fucking discouraged and I feel like there is absolutely no way I am going to lose any weight.


A healthy lifestyle isn’t an all or nothing sort of activity—you surely don’t need to be perfect to reach your goals! A healthy lifestyle is called a lifestyle for a reason, it’s not a diet or quick-fix. Forget those strict no-carb diets, exercising 6 days a week and running miles upon miles a day. That’s ridiculous. Sure, you may lose a bit of weight in the beginning, but is it sustainable? Probably not. 

It’s not worth missing out on life to lose a few pounds. Why on earth would fitting into a smaller size be any more important than spending time with people who love you like your friends and family? THOSE are the important moments in life. 

So my advice: be easy on yourself. People can lose weight even if they have a cupcake or a few slices of pizza in a week. You don’t have to be perfect, but aim for a solid balance of mostly wholesome things from the earth and then mix a few treats in. Do exercise that makes you feel good and that you enjoy. Get enough rest, see the sun, and smile a lot. Treat yourself right and your weight will fall where it needs to. Don’t miss out on good things because you are concerned with losing weight, THAT is not healthy. Wishing you the best xx

I love you peanutbuttarunna